My alarm rings!
And through my bedroom window, I scorn a fading moon
No! This day has not begun.
I am sleeping, barely creeping.
Just another morning.

Ring louder; ring!
My calling, calling, I dare to ignore–too soon.
For the race has not been run.
Still, I’m keeping;  still keeping.
Just another morning.

I am king.   Listen…
I rule a most quiet domain, my darkened room.
I curse the laughing sun.
Shine my crown,  as I lie weeping, weeping.
Just another morning.

….by  elvis


Waiting Your Life Away At The ER

“Providing in-home caregiving for an ailing senior with advanced stage Dementia will always be a daily challenge. When they are at an “end of life” existence, primary caregivers/family members must alway guard against random circumstances which can rob them of what little time that they may have left with their loved one.  Stay vigilant!”

EMS trucks

A terrifying race to the emergency department by EMS can be an all too familiar scenario for “end of life” dementia seniors living at home. This is why family members should always stay close to their seniors. Those who are providing primary care for them should never allow themselves to get separated after EMS roll their seniors through those metal doors outside in the back area of the ER. Continue reading Waiting Your Life Away At The ER


23 January 2015


“As a primary caregiver, your life will always be a neverending saga when living with a love one who has dementia.  Even at the early stages, there must always be a constant vigilance….”


It had been 9:00am that morning.  A bright yellow sun now nestled in light-blue skies beckoned us.  Our windows were half opened.  So, the sweet aromas of a brand new day rushed in—filling our nostrils with the inspiration of new beginnings.

Already we had been driving around the city for two hours now, my mother and I.   On occasions we would get up early in the morning and drive around–especially when she had been feeling restless.  And since her Dementia, we had been taking these early morning drives more often than not. Continue reading 23 January 2015


Indwelling Catheterization: The Maladies of a Medical Marvel

The advent of catheters

have leaped the tallest building by enhancing our quality of life.  However, who could have predicted the kryptonite of their overuse? When employed judiciously catheters  provide quality healthcare.   In the early 1930s, Dr. Frederic E. B. Foley improved the functionality of catheters by designing a latex retaining balloon near the tip of the tube. That made it possible for indwelling catheters to stay in the bladder without the need of external taping or strapping.   Interestingly, he did not invent the first catheter although we reference his name when asking for one.   Much earlier have they been implemented and have been very much in demand. Continue reading Indwelling Catheterization: The Maladies of a Medical Marvel


07 January 2015


Racing up and down the streets–block by block, I had no idea where I was going.  I knew my mom had been somewhere close.  —But where??!    She couldn’t have gone far.   All I could do was continue to follow my instincts.

Suddenly I brought the car to a screeching halt.  Two young ladies were slowly strolling  up the street on my driver’s side.  I stuck my head out of the window as I blew my horn at them in quick-short successions.

“Excuse me miss!  DId you see an elderly gray haired woman walking around the neighborhood?” Continue reading 07 January 2015