Planning Your Trip To The Emergency Room


EMS trucksLoud moans of discomfort and pain startle you from a peaceful sleep early one quiet morning.  It is your elderly and ailing parent. She appears to be suffering from some mysterious stomach pain.  You really don’t know what it is…     

panic look                  panic look                                                    

Surely enough, one of the most  frightening, stressful, and  chaotic experiences that you will ever encounter begins with a call for a visit to the Emergency Room.   

After asking her several times what is the matter–with no reply–you then immediately dial 911.  In the midst of calling, confusion and crying you struggle to explain to the 911 operator what exactly is the nature of your call.  You stumble over your words. It seems like hours.  And somehow, you managed to survive the battery of questions.   

       After you hang up the phone, you begin scrambling around the house in search of clothing,  important documents and her current medications.  Your apprehension and panic grow as you impatiently wait for EMS to arrive. 


TAKE HEART, MY FRIEND!  You can weather this storm if you don’t lose your cool and go through your ER checklist:

  • Already have copies of insurance cards and IDs set aside.

  • Store plastic pill bottles of current meds in a plastic bag.

  • Prepare in advance a large tote bag or backpack with an extra outfit for you and her, extra Depends if she is incontinent, cotton rags, bottled water, cotton towels, baby towelettes, socks, small writing pad for notes and names, etc.

  • Copies of most recent medical records

  • A few sheets of 13-gal tall plastic kitchen bags for any personal clothing or trash that you might want to take back home with you.  And anything else that you might need.EMS trucks

–So, yes! The ER experience can be nerve-wracking. But it does not have to be confusing or mysterious. You can call the shots.

Remember. You may not have much control over what your ailing parent’s condition may be; however, you do have control over all the items that you may need on your trip to the ER.  Be prepared!


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  1. Great job Mr Williams, the information you provided here is very helpful. Having an emergency
    ready-to-bag really cut down on trying to get the things ready to go to the ER at the last minute. Thank you again for the info.

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