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My name is Elvis Williams. I have a degree in Business Administration. I also have attended Savannah Voc Tech. I studied Accounting. I was a Assistant Manager at K-Mart. I was also a Manager at Jiffy convenience stores. My experience extends into holding a position as Assistant Washman at National Linen, etc. So, although I have work many jobs, my latest preoccupation has been in the field of Caregiving. I cared for my Mother for over 12years. She passed away in April of 2014. I miss her dearly. I have gained invaluable experience in the Healthcare and Caregiving field. This is what has led me to build this blogsite. I want to pass on this knowledge to others as I have much to offer in this field of interest.

Grooming Needs–hair and nails


imagesCA00DD0GWashing hair for bedridden seniors who lie in bed mostly on their backs or sides with contractures takes practice and patience.  And if you didn’t have that “no rinse shampoo and body wash”,  you would have had to do it the old fashion way.   Soap.  Shampoo. Water.  More important, if you had not wash the hair in a while,  it most likely would need a regular hair washing to get out the built up grime and grease balls.

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Planning Your Trip To The Emergency Room


EMS trucksLoud moans of discomfort and pain startle you from a peaceful sleep early one quiet morning.  It is your elderly and ailing parent. She appears to be suffering from some mysterious stomach pain.  You really don’t know what it is…     

panic look                  panic look                                                    

Surely enough, one of the most  frightening, stressful, and  chaotic experiences that you will ever encounter begins with a call for a visit to the Emergency Room.   

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