Forever Heroes


imagesCAX5EXMLOrdinary people thrust onto uncommon acts of heroism  We know them not.  They give us hope in the midst of despair.  Bathing our lives with joy and redemption.  And oh, the tales we spin for future generations.  Our heroes forever.

imagesLike mythical knights of old, their bravery inspires us as we exalt them.  The innocent and trusting they shield–a plague of nobility no less.  Engaging in random acts of courage, our champions.

New_1_DSCF0059But, who are they really?   Nameless faces shrouded by dark virtues, plundering our emotions, our respect, our trust.  Only few are worthy, these souls of sacrifice.   Yet we love them dearly as we know them not.  Our heroes…forever.

                                                                 …by elvis



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