DSCF0074My mission is very simple.  I want to offer a lifeline of medical information, advice and moral support  to caregivers who have chosen to provide in-home care for “special needs” seniors who are living at the “end stages” of their lives due to terminal illness. 

Caring for seniors in this state of existence requires a great deal of effort, knowledge and support.  I cared for my terminally ill mother with late stage Demenita for 14-years.  In spite of Doctors constantly urging me that she would not live much longer than the next day, I continued to provide quality care and life for her at home as her primary Caregiver.   She had expressed to us kid many years ago that she did not want to reside in a nursing home.  I honored her wishes.

This is why learning about my journey can give you some much needed advice and guidance concerning your senior in the twilight of his/her life.

A senior living at home with a terminal illness can live for many, many years–no matter what doctors tell you.  However, the task can often be overwhelming for many caregivers.   Effective and quality care is essential.  This is why so many families reluctantly relinquish the responsibility to our overpopulated health care industry.  These days with so many advances in medical technology, many seniors are living longer lives anyway.

Certainly, many families may not have a choice.  Maybe it’s better for your senior to be in a nursing home.  Do not hesitate if this is the case.  Besides, many family member have their own lives to lead.   Some really don’t care anyway.

However, if you are one of few devoted and committed caregivers who has decided that your aging senior has better quality life at home than at an unfamiliar nursing home, let me support you with my story.

This is my mission:  with so much self-taught caregiving experience, knowledge, advice and tips forged through many hard fought years from interfacing with doctors, nurses, medical specialists and various home health agencies, I felt compelled to offer this expertise and know-how to many other family members who also may have been randomly chosen to volunteer and sacrifice their minds, bodies, spirits and souls.  Let’s be here for each other!

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