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Grooming needs–bathing


bluesprng_mainslide5In my many years of caregiving for my mom, Our family quickly learned that bathing a senior–mobile or bed bound–required a good deal of planning beforehand.  Well,  what about simply sitting them in bathtubs or under the shower in chairs, you may ask?  Wouldn’t that be more convenient?   Sure–for some seniors.

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Grooming Needs–hair and nails


imagesCA00DD0GWashing hair for bedridden seniors who lie in bed mostly on their backs or sides with contractures takes practice and patience.  And if you didn’t have that “no rinse shampoo and body wash”,  you would have had to do it the old fashion way.   Soap.  Shampoo. Water.  More important, if you had not wash the hair in a while,  it most likely would need a regular hair washing to get out the built up grime and grease balls.

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